For the Empire, the conquest of galaxies is just a game.
But for you, it's your job.
Gangs of Space is an indie Rogue Shmup MMO developed with love by Grouroux and Erhune. Since 2012, we've been working on a sophisticated recipe that produces a unique gameplay:
  • Take a handful of projectiles, another of vicious enemies and a few ripe bosses
  • Add a good amount of ships, abilities and equipment
  • Sprinkle with a light dose of randomness for a pleasant change
  • Mix strongly with a good amount of teamwork and conquest until your preparation becomes epic
  • Your game is ready to serve!



Part-Shmup, part-Hack'n Slash.

Your skill will be your important asset in order to avoid the myriad of enemy bullets. In addition, chosing the right abilities and equipment for your ship will transform you in a formidable space perdator.

But get your tissues ready: here, every death is permanent!

Roguelike RPG

Interfaces 1160

Chose a ship among multiple classes, and level it over 10 quick levels. Create a unique build and optimize it by looting equipment from the fuming wrecks of your enemies.

Over time, you will complete class objectives and unlock new build choices that will enhance the possibilities of your next ships.

MMO conquest

The goal of Gangs of Space is simple: conquer the Galaxy in the name of the Empire! Whether you go solo-hunting or gather a squad of talented Gang-mates, the only important thing is that: conquer more and more sectors.

When the Galaxy is fully conquered, players and Gangs receive rewards based on their rank in various ladders. A new conquest campaign then starts, in a new unknown Galaxy.

Conquest 1160