At the center of the Universe, three Empires are fighting.
Their goal: to control the 7 Pillars of the Universe!
Gangs of Space is an indie MMO Shmup developed with love and passion by Grouroux and Erhune since 2012. It has the ambition to offer an unique blend of gameplay:
Hyper-active Space A-RPG filled by thousands of bullets and giant bosses with infernal patterns!
Large-scale cooperation, from groups of strangers to hyper-organized Gangs!
High-stake competition, from system conquest up to dominating the Universe!


100% Action Shmup

Gangs of Space offers a real action gameplay without any targetting system. You have to shoot and trigger your ship's abilities by analysing and anticipating the movements of all your enemies, all while avoiding their bullets.

And with the difficulty increasing, these enemies get more numerious, more agile, and more vicious. Let us be honest: to survive, your skill as a player will be paramount!

Mass destruction

ARPG & Rogue-like

Your progress in Gangs of Space will take place in 2 phases: first, a short levelling phase (a few hours) which will determine the unique build of your ship. Then a longer optimization phase where you will try loot ever more optimal equipment on the fuming wrecks of your enemies. And permanent death will give you the occasion to try ever-different builds!

Solar station

Cooperation & class synergies

Ship classes and their specialization are abundant in Gangs of Space. Playing in groups will give you advantageous synergies, and will become more and more important as you progress through difficulty. But whether you decide to join a Gang or not, cooperation is always simple and natural.

Hell bullet

Empire vs Empire: conquering the 7 Pillars of the Universe!

3 Empires are in perpetual competition in order to control the 7 Pillars of the Universe. In order to win this competition, the players of these Empires regroup in Gangs to face the challenges of conquest and domination. Victory will be cast upon those who will optimize their team play!


A MMO with an end

Gangs of Space is one of the (very) rare MMOs which give you a final objective. When the 7 Pillars of the Univers are controlled by the Gangs of one unique Empire, this Universe is closed and its heroes are celebrated (and rewarded!). But will they be able to repeat their feat in the next Universe?

Near death experience