Alpha-test v0.30 starting Friday, June 16

Posted by Erhune 12 months ago

It is with great joy (and quite some stress!) that we are announcing that the next Gangs of Space alpha-test session with start this Friday, June 16, 19:00 UTC. It will continue until the complete conquest of the test Galaxy (expect a few days).

And another good news: this time, all players with a Gangs of Space account are invited!

The objectives of this test session are:

  • Test all the game mechanisms, including: bosses, the new conquest system, 2 full ship classes.
  • Try to push the server to its limits!
  • Establish the list of the last modifications necessary before the Steam Early Access release.

Yes, you've read correctly: Gangs of Space on Steam, it's coming soon! Hopefully, we'll gather all required data on this version, and the next version should be THE ONE! Cross your fingers for a release this Summer!

We will publish more details on the changes and content of the version in the next days. And in the meantime, you can always find us on Twitch, Twitter, or on our official Discord!




Server status: ONLINE



Undecim Vaporis
Started: February 25, 2018
Enemy forces in this Galaxy:
PirnatPirnat1,117,087 (11%)
Estimated remaining time: 1 week, 4 days, and 3 hours


Commander matias-sensei of edhear
May 24th, 2018 23:45 #


PlayerSector Points
#1Defyant melcol549,010 SP
#2Krypton JayJayYT489,773 SP
#3Krypton Qareca453,955 SP
#4Sarkasterados Sarkast375,451 SP
#5LadderUp Skyward ShurikosanBlackCato371,363 SP
#6LadderUp Skyward Agent Kawaii312,505 SP
#7LadderUp Skyward Skyward291,284 SP
#8Defyant Rhodezz239,608 SP
#9Defyant TheTool214,100 SP
#10LadderUp Skyward Xmt178,897 SP


PlayerSector Points
#1Defyant TheTool53,384 SP/h
#2Excellencies Queuetewig33,224 SP/h
#3KGB GangsOfZones31,809 SP/h
#4Defyant melcol29,469 SP/h
#5LostConnection VmokomokoV29,043 SP/h
#6Defyant Rhodezz27,228 SP/h
#7Oblivion magma24,765 SP/h
#8Krypton JayJayYT21,543 SP/h
#9Krypton Qareca20,196 SP/h
#10LadderUp Skyward Agent Kawaii18,866 SP/h


GangConquest Points
#1LadderUp Skyward LadderUp Skyward536,016 CP
#2Krypton Krypton495,509 CP
#3StarTrek StarTrek393,413 CP
#4Defyant Defyant286,674 CP
#6Conclusion Conclusion190,228 CP
#7Kindom Of Flame Kindom Of Flame145,688 CP
#8Flying Pirates Flying Pirates136,081 CP
#9Shadow Raiders Shadow Raiders85,680 CP
#10Low Tier Mains Low Tier Mains83,907 CP