Preview of Alpha v0.30

Posted by Erhune about 1 year ago

I hope you've not forgotten that the next Alpha session is starting this Friday, June 16! And it will be open to everyone, so feel free to bring all your friends!

Get unique gifts!

Since this session will probably the last one before our grand release on Steam, we are celebrating by offering unique commemorative content to all participants.

It is a way for us to say THANK YOU for walking with us for so many years on this long and difficult road called "indie game development".

Every player who logs in during the session will be rewarded with a title "I was here before" thay you can opt in to show in game. Keep it to show off in front of the future generations of Gangs-of-Spacers!

In addition, we added unique commemorative skins for Gemeter and Astrolax ships. You will need to reach level 10 during the session with repectively a Gemeter R and an Astrolax 500mg to unlock them. And of course, you'll get to keep them for all future versions of the game!

Conquering the first Galaxy: Alpha-030!

We didn't announce an end date for the session for a very simple reason: for the first time, we will let you rampage across the Galaxy until the Pirnat faction is totally exterminated! (Of course, since it's the first time, we might make some adjustements, so that the conquest takes about a week in total.)

Then, at the end of the conquest, we will give our first rewards to the top players and Gangs:

Four special skins (Gemeter and Astrolax), respectively for:
- the top player
- the 2nd player
- the 3rd player
- the 4th to 10th players

Another four special skins (Gemeter only, but including unique trail colors!), respectively for:
- all members of the top Gang
- all members of the 2nd Gang
- all members of the 3rd Gang
- all members of the 4th to 10th Gangs

We'll also have corresponding titles for all winners.

So... get ready to conquer!

New conquest system

Good news: we've improved the conquest system A LOT!

Sectors now contains zones that you must stay inside to conquer. The bigger the zone, the longer it takes, but the more Sector Points it will give. Having to stay inside the zone to be efficient leads to new... "interesting"... gameplay situations, shall we say ^^

Oh, and of course these zones can have positive or negative effects on your ship, so be careful!

This new mechanism makes the game a lot more dynamic (and stressful), and has wide repercussions on many parts of the game. We won't spoil it all here, but suffice to say that it gives an even bigger impact to your skill as a player, which is one of the main goals of Gangs of Space!

Five Pirnat bosses + special items

Finally, they are here, and they are not happy to have been left out for so long!

Introducing a whole family of big nasty Pirnat bosses:

But you have to face them if you want a chance to grab one of these rare and powerful items with special affixes:

Say hello to the complete Gemeter and Astrolax families!

The Astrolax family is now complete with the introduction of the bigger Astrolax 1g and Astrolax 2g.

All three Gemeter-class ships have also been completely revamped, will all their subsystems and abilities re-done and re-balanced. Prepare to unlock!

New interfaces


An unlock tracker to show what you can unlock using your current ship!

A compact mode for the inventory, so you can always keep an eye on your stuff while fighting. Also note the ability to directly recycle items, and send them to your Warehouse without leaving the conquest!

A progress report when you come back to the Motherbase after doing some hard work!

Notifications about important stuff happening to you!

And much more...

  • Replays of your most magnificent deaths that you can upload online with a custom message...
  • Credit rewards when you die.
  • The ability to buy level 10 ships directly in Credits.
  • The ability to cancel warps with the ESC key.
  • More information on your ship information panel.
  • Vastly improved client performance.
  • A ton of rebalancing on items, enemies, abilities...

And even more...

Here is the complete changelog of this version if you want even more details.

This version is very important to us, since it is the first that we can call "feature complete" (even if there is a ton more we want to add at some point!). So, after you play for a while, tell us: what do you think need improvement before the Steam release?




Server status: ONLINE



Duodecim Vaporis
Started: June 6, 2018
Enemy forces in this Galaxy:
PirnatPirnat6,252,818 (62%)
Estimated remaining time: 1 week, 6 days, and 22 hours


Commander Grazer of grazer
July 21st, 2018 23:43 #


PlayerSector Points
#1Acrylic Dream Strega450,231 SP
#2Galaxy Vikings DarkRagnar166,840 SP
#3Defyant melcol157,999 SP
#4Acrylic Dream German Elite124,395 SP
#5Acrylic Dream rymeilema108,495 SP
#6Astra KRZYSI3K104,038 SP
#7KidneyThieves KidneyThief96,786 SP
#8GOgoGO vodyan59996,335 SP
#9Flying Tacos Laqeith89,275 SP
#10UNS Tubpu78,108 SP


PlayerSector Points
#1Defyant melcol30,757 SP/h
#2Defyant Rhodezz26,908 SP/h
#3GOgoGO vodyan59920,117 SP/h
#4Space criminals Agent Kawaii19,308 SP/h
#5Acrylic Dream German Elite18,801 SP/h
#6Black Lotus Cartel SomyWanKenobi18,449 SP/h
#7KidneyThieves KidneyThief17,818 SP/h
#8Acrylic Dream Strega17,766 SP/h
#9MIGHTY Grifanych14,830 SP/h
#10Krypton JayJayYT11,666 SP/h


GangConquest Points
#1Acrylic Dream Acrylic Dream367,738 CP
#2Galaxy Vikings Galaxy Vikings178,841 CP
#3UNS UNS146,667 CP
#4Defyant Defyant135,949 CP
#5KidneyThieves KidneyThieves100,013 CP
#6Astra Astra92,067 CP
#7the meems the meems80,149 CP
#8Esports Esports52,496 CP
#9Flying Tacos Flying Tacos48,916 CP
#10One for ALL One for ALL47,191 CP