Alpha 0.30 - The Empire has prevailed!

Posted by Erhune 5 months ago

Congratulations to all players and Gangs: you exterminated the Pirnat faction of Galaxy Alpha-30 in exactly 4 days, 22 hours, 59 minutes and 32 seconds!


On the individual side, Roix get his first title of Champion! Now, after participating to many Alpha sessions, he can finally backup his very famous "modesty" with some real achievements :wink:

Tigibon, a returning "old" player, came back staight to the second position. We checked our records, and it seems he's our longest still-active player!

Robokami reaches third place, and proves that Gangs of Space can be mastered to the highest levels even by a new player.

At fourth position, the leader of HowlingDragons Ernislav leads the group of 6 players that fought vaillantly and came pretty close to the podium. With barely 10,000 points between the #5 and #10, the competition was really intense!


On the Gang side, the fearsome HowlingDragons earn their first place after a very intense battle against their rivals. Even though they didn't place any player in the player top 3, they showed that for the Gang ladder, it's actually teamwork that prevails. Congratulations to them!

Thanks to the good individual performance of their members Tigibon and Robokami, Les Cochons Volants reach a very close second place. Mark their name, we will probably see them again in future Galaxies!

In third position, Supremacy Inc are pulled by the performance of their most active member Roix.

Then, the thanatonautes managed to place two members in the individual top, but it wasn't enough to close the gap with the other 3 "big" Gangs and reach the podium. They stop at a very honorable fourth position, along with 5 other valliant Gangs.


We have been a bit caught by surprise by the sudden acceleration of the conquest after a few days, so we have decided to leave this Galaxy open until Monday, June 26.

For now, the game will continue to be playable normally, and the ladders will continue to update, but no further rewards will be given to top players & Gangs for this session.


We have given the skin rewards to individual players in the top 10, and to all members in top 10 Gangs. Send us pictures of your most beautiful ships in their new shiny paintings!

Title rewards will be coming at the end of the session.


We've received a ton of very useful feedback from you. Keep it coming! We need to make the next version the best one ever, to storm the world with our Steam release!

You can find us on:
- Discord (along with many helpful players)
- Twitch, if you want to follow the creation of the game piece by piece
- Twitter
- GoS forum

Thank you all for your participation! It has been great to see you enjoying the game these past few days, and it seems we are on the right track!




Server status: ONLINE



Octo Vaporis Galaxy
Started: November 12, 2017
Enemy forces in this Galaxy:
PirnatPirnat6,945,258 (69%)
Estimated remaining time: 1 day and 23 hours


Commander Alki of STEB
November 19th, 2017 00:34 #


PlayerSector Points
#1Defyant STRN607,629 SP
#2G-funk Era cantor84759421,511 SP
#3Defyant TheTool359,636 SP
#4Defyant Rhodezz171,063 SP
#5Aces Ap0c131,665 SP
#6Aces Tonirel120,436 SP
#7Defyant crawla420112,491 SP
#8G-funk Era Valyst83,192 SP
#9Bear Hug XAnabX69,295 SP
#10Oblivion CaptNight3 V364,217 SP


PlayerSector Points
#1Defyant TheTool44,541 SP/h
#2Defyant STRN28,091 SP/h
#3Defyant Rhodezz23,264 SP/h
#4G-funk Era cantor8475921,816 SP/h
#5Defyant airshox21,185 SP/h
#6Mafia 40A18,713 SP/h
#7Aces Tonirel14,125 SP/h
#8Defyant crawla42013,694 SP/h
#9Les Burgondes Boeuf Bourguignon10,401 SP/h
#10eN4 Dreik10,327 SP/h


GangConquest Points
#1Defyant Defyant577,379 CP
#2G-funk Era G-funk Era285,510 CP
#3Aces Aces207,017 CP
#4eN4 eN461,195 CP
#5Bear Hug Bear Hug42,123 CP
#6Oblivion Oblivion41,795 CP
#7Two Bang Kiri Two Bang Kiri33,531 CP
#8STEB STEB33,006 CP
#9Keeper of the Tree of Life Keeper of the Tree of Life20,663 CP
#109ID 9ID20,337 CP