End of Alpha 0.30

Posted by Erhune 7 months ago

Unscrew your guns, unplug your shields, clean your warehouses... the Alpha 0.30 session is over.

How it went?

We are very happy with the results of this session. A lot of you came to play, and seemed to enjoy the game quite a lot judging by the insane play times!

The competition for the ladders was fierce, and the game was much more pleasant to play than previous versions, in great part because there were always other people to play with. Finally, it felt like a real online game for more than a few hours!

We are definitely on track for the Steam release next version, and I think Grouroux and I will be able to sleep a bit better until then!

A few numbers

  • Connected players: 490
  • Peak players: 81
  • Average play time: 7 hours per player
  • Ships lost: 1,124
  • Pirnats killed: let me read that right... 1,900,926... well.. that's a lot!
  • Bosses killed:: 879
  • T1, T2, T3 systems conquered: 844
  • T4 systems conquered: 180
  • T5 systems conquered: 36
  • T6 systems conquered: 24
  • Total DNA collected:: 1,594,887,370
  • Total Credits collected: 3,153,863
  • Best crew: level 47

Your opinion matters a lot!

More than ever, your feedback is important to us, especially fom new players (or those who didn't play for a long time).

  • What kind of game did you expect BEFORE playing, and AFTER playing? (you can cite other games you find similar...)
  • How smooth was levelling your first ship to level 10?
  • Did you have trouble figuring out some game mechanics? what would you have liked better explaied to you?
  • What did you like and hate most?
  • Did you feel discouraged at some point? did it make you stop playing?

You can answer in the forum, on Discord or even by e-mail if you are shy. We're reading everything, even if we don't have time to give detailled answers to everyone! Promised!




Server status: ONLINE



Decem Vaporis
Started: January 11, 2018
Enemy forces in this Galaxy:
PirnatPirnat6,130,565 (61%)
Estimated remaining time: 2 weeks and 5 days


Commander Godyr
January 23rd, 2018 22:47 #


PlayerSector Points
#1Defyant TheTool493,258 SP
#2KGB NonStop322,213 SP
#3Tuner tuner320,154 SP
#4Cupcakes keyvis297,017 SP
#5Defyant melcol248,493 SP
#6PoC IntenZ133,399 SP
#7copipe Taltama101,131 SP
#8Migatte no Gokui Xed100,180 SP
#9United Anarchy Gouki100,147 SP
#10Defyant Hawk3Ye76,746 SP


PlayerSector Points
#1Defyant TheTool48,089 SP/h
#2Migatte no Gokui Xed46,090 SP/h
#3Defyant STRN29,578 SP/h
#4Defyant melcol23,266 SP/h
#5Defyant Rhodezz19,617 SP/h
#6Tuner tuner13,094 SP/h
#7Cupcakes keyvis10,503 SP/h
#8Cupcakes DangerCZ10,137 SP/h
#9PoC IntenZ8,733 SP/h
#10United Anarchy Gouki7,852 SP/h


GangConquest Points
#1KGB KGB452,435 CP
#2Cupcakes Cupcakes408,401 CP
#3Defyant Defyant397,569 CP
#4Tuner Tuner201,925 CP
#5PoC PoC154,360 CP
#6SupGang SupGang91,167 CP
#7Clash of Patinhas Clash of Patinhas48,179 CP
#8Asgards Asgards46,804 CP
#9Horangnavi Horangnavi44,282 CP
#10United Anarchy United Anarchy41,377 CP