The second test session is over!

Posted by Erhune over 8 years ago

Thank you all for your participation!

Thanks to you, the second Gangs of Space alpha test session was a great success! (And like last week's, there was no major issue! Yay!)

The big thing in this session has obviously been the conquest of Akira-I, a system with a higher difficuly than the previous test session's LMR-I and -II. And we weren't wrong in our difficulty estimation, judging by the new space junk: 111 ships sacrificed for the glory of the Empire!

Don't think only the players had a hard time with this one...

Conquering the level 1 and 2 sectors was pretty simple, but sectors 3 asked for many rival Gangs to join forces:

In the end, the Lutins Psycopathes managed to get in front of their rivals Bière Chaussette Corp. and Space Cowboys at the last second, and got appointed as Governors for their second system in a row. Congratulations to them!

And during all of this, some players got addicted to mining, and mining, and mining.....

P.S. Thanks also to Skywilly from Game Side Story for his streaming of a part of the test session on his Twitch!




Server status: ONLINE



Sisyphus Medior
Started: January 7, 2022
Enemy forces in this Galaxy:
PirnatPirnat4,890,110 (97%)
Estimated remaining time: ?


Commander mireia6976 of LosPerez
January 26th, 2022 23:07 #
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PlayerSector Points
#1GoS Forever P3PSYY57,823 SP
#2Disintegrators TheUnkow13,801 SP
#3oldygang rehagrekla6,290 SP
#4LosPerez mireia69765,514 SP
#5 Old Rabbit 54 275,417 SP
#6LosPerez megafour5,203 SP
#7GoS Forever Ellis Gregoryan3,351 SP
#8 ChrisXV1,591 SP
#9ClanNobleTruth mart00911,514 SP
#10GoS Forever Dexoider1,420 SP


PlayerSector Points
#1GoS Forever P3PSYY2,936 SP/h
#2LosPerez megafour2,627 SP/h
#3Disintegrators TheUnkow2,596 SP/h
#4LosPerez mireia69761,845 SP/h
#5oldygang rehagrekla1,644 SP/h
#6 Old Rabbit 54 271,596 SP/h
#7GoS Forever Ellis Gregoryan1,416 SP/h
#8 ChrisXV892 SP/h
#9GoS Forever Dexoider878 SP/h
#10Storm Pirates JayJayYT773 SP/h


GangConquest Points
#1GoS Forever GoS Forever45,371 CP
#2LosPerez LosPerez10,170 CP
#3Disintegrators Disintegrators8,196 CP
#4oldygang oldygang3,415 CP