INDIE STORY: 120h live-coding with Erhune & Grouroux!

Posted by Erhune almost 7 years ago

From December 3 to 8, 120h of "reality dev" to watch LIVE!

During these 120 hours, we Erhune & Grouroux, the developers of the game, will be streaming our heroic efforts to release version 0.11 next Sunday, for the new Alpha Test session.

Thousands of code lines, 3D everywhere, crazy gamedesign stats, sweat, whole barrels of coffee, commits, reverts, dance and poetry, here is the hard reality you'll be able to witness.

This event will allow you to discover Gangs of Space from the point of view of the creators and feel the tension building as release is approaching.

It will also be a fatastic opportunity to ask us questions directly, or chat about the game!

Moreover, we'll have a small surprise for everyone that will support us by pre-ordering the game during the live!

In order not to miss the beginning of the show, you can already "Follow" our Twitch channel. See you soon!




Server status: ONLINE



Triodecim Vaporis
Started: November 4, 2018
Ended: July 17, 2020
Enemy forces in this Galaxy:


Commander well known bandit of REX
September 29th, 2020 04:56 #
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PlayerSector Points
#1TurnUp greenorange605,193 SP
#2We back Francesca385,070 SP
#3TurnUp German Elite323,088 SP
#4Save Game 1992 Save297,407 SP
#5We back Grodus292,431 SP
#6Defyant melcol279,597 SP
#7Keeper of the Tree of Life Cynari Ilinory190,150 SP
#8 Zerenity182,732 SP
#9Sexy yoauie169,035 SP
#10Desperado ryenigma163,198 SP


PlayerSector Points
#1We back Grodus35,651 SP/h
#2TurnUp German Elite28,999 SP/h
#3Defyant melcol28,838 SP/h
#4The Devs Grouroux25,285 SP/h
#5We back Francesca24,793 SP/h
#6 STRN22,531 SP/h
#7TurnUp greenorange21,850 SP/h
#8Sexy yoauie21,718 SP/h
#9FireStoRm ButteRFly19,935 SP/h
#10Army of ROAR Seven23218,774 SP/h


GangConquest Points
#1We back We back370,758 CP
#2TurnUp TurnUp366,713 CP
#3Save Game 1992 Save Game 1992343,132 CP
#4706 706307,420 CP
#5WRshadows WRshadows174,027 CP
#6Defyant Defyant149,859 CP
#7Keeper of the Tree of Life Keeper of the Tree of Life113,709 CP
#8Sexy Sexy107,930 CP
#9Hardstyle Hardstyle107,595 CP
#10FireStorM FireStorM101,761 CP