Report on the Alpha Test Session #7

Posted by Erhune almost 8 years ago


Thanks a lot to every participant to the session, including all our new players (hello, Poland!).

As always, we invite you to give us our impressions on the gand on the forum: (let's get this English-speaking forum rolling, baby!)

We are also happy to announce that the next test session will be on Sunday, February 23!

If you missed this session #7, or if you want to experience it from another point of view, here are a few live recordings:

Failing live

For once, we thought we were ready quite on time for this version. What a mistake! After opening the servers, a few huge bugs blow out in our faces: you don't see other players moving, a lot of players cannot warp, some items disappear... astonished

Fortunately, since we were live on Twitch with you all, we could get useful information on these bugs very quick, and Erhune managed to fix the most critical bugs and deploy a new version of the game in just an hour. Fewwwwww....! The session can start for real now!

Finally a proper boss!

From all the new features from this version, the one that got the complete thumbs up was the new version of the boss.

Not too weak like last time, he surprised more than one player with his debuff bullets (some of you even thought it was a bug wink). Its new speed limited the efficienty of Bahmut ships, and favorized Gemeter and Astrolax ones. His HP dependant on the number of players made him killable by both small and big groups with a decent difficulty in both cases.

Rise and decline of an Empire

There was quite a lot of change to the Gang ladder this time!

Supremacy Inc reinforced their position as #2 with 1,257 u² of conquested territory. With their sheer number, they might well get #1 in the next session!

CSI (Clementine Space Industries) recruitment strategy before and during the test paid dividents, since this Gang surprised everyone by rising from #10 to #3 with 1,002 u² of territory. Great performance!

TMG are still #1, but for how long? Since they had no conquest this time, they face the very strong possibility of loosing their leadership very soon!

Also notable are 2 new Gangs that managed to grow to a quite impressive size in a very short time: Duck Corporation and Chatiment. Let's keep an eye on them!

The fact that the geo-political situation can shift pretty quick make us think we are on the right track! How will that evolve when Gangs will have to defend their bases, which should come pretty soon now?

What worked and what didn't?

Didn't work as well as expected:

  • The vocal chat is pretty buggy and useless in its current form
  • The galactic map needs some enhancements to better understand what's going on
  • Being able to cancel contracts seems very much necessary in the end
  • It's difficult to find the enemies to complete your contract
  • There is no safe zone around gates and beacons

Worked pretty well:

  • The server optimizations did marvel on CPU and bandwidth
  • The 40 player limit per fight system seems correct
  • The boss (as mentioned previously)
  • The local chat visible over players
  • The randomized map generation
  • Every player has his favorite ship, and there is no "best" one
  • The smaller Gangs are starting to regroup against the bigger ones

Some stats!


  • 1,829,103 DNA
  • 18,344 Medals
    • 8,551 by pacification
    • 7,667 by contracts
    • 2,126 by killboard rewards


  • 393 ships lost forever
  • ... with 5,217 items on board

Conquest of the Universe

  • 66 sectors conquested by the players, 5 by the enemies
  • 520 sectors pacified in 35 different fight systems
  • 42,192 Asteroids explosed
  • 140,981 Pirnats annihilated
  • 19,166 Vermillons vaporized

General killboard

  • 158,588 Asteroid S0
  • 56,638 Pirnat Scout
  • 53,945 Pirnat Wasp
  • 37,375 Pirnat Scout MKII
  • 34,023 Pirnat Spike
  • 27,126 Pirnat Miner
  • 16,305 Pirnat Hunter
  • 10,156 Pirnat Pickelhaube
  • 9,243 Vermillon Hermios
  • 8,779 Pirnat Drake
  • 8,413 Pirnat Miner MKII
  • 8,360 Pirnat Hunter MKII
  • 7,247 Vermillon Berthos Evo
  • 7,102 Vermillon Melenos
  • 5,215 Asteroid S1
  • 4,807 Vermillon Berthos
  • 3,444 Vermillon Melenos Evo
  • 1,885 Pirnat Lobstor
  • 1,452 Asteroid S2
  • 1,294 Vermillon Merros
  • 999 Pirnat Hunter X2
  • 560 Turret Gatling
  • 334 Asteroid S3
  • 73 Asteroid S4
  • 35 Pirnat Mega Blade (Boss)

Which gives us:

  • 923 enemies per player!

Best death rewards

#1 | Nejaa | 236 medals
#2 | JiuZhongBaXian | 174 medals
#3 | KyuRyu | 164 medals
#4 | Driekiann | 135 medals
#5 | Bestio | 96 medals
#6 | Glarock | 91 medals
#7 | Khilas | 83 medals
#8 | Poulililala | 75 medals
#9 | d2vil | 62 medals
#10 | Valniar | 57 medals

That makes this our first player ranking! Soon to be added in the ladders on the website!

The future

Now that we are quite satisfied about the "solo" aspect of Gangs of Space (by that we mean the more casual part of the game, which you don't have to be in a Gang to enjoy), we will move back to the core of the game.

The next few updates will thus concentrate on base management, building and deploying gates, system defense, research & industry...

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this!




Server status: ONLINE



Sisyphus Medior
Started: January 7, 2022
Enemy forces in this Galaxy:
PirnatPirnat4,890,110 (97%)
Estimated remaining time: ?


Commander mireia6976 of LosPerez
January 26th, 2022 23:07 #
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PlayerSector Points
#1GoS Forever P3PSYY57,823 SP
#2Disintegrators TheUnkow13,801 SP
#3oldygang rehagrekla6,290 SP
#4LosPerez mireia69765,514 SP
#5 Old Rabbit 54 275,417 SP
#6LosPerez megafour5,203 SP
#7GoS Forever Ellis Gregoryan3,351 SP
#8 ChrisXV1,591 SP
#9ClanNobleTruth mart00911,514 SP
#10GoS Forever Dexoider1,420 SP


PlayerSector Points
#1GoS Forever P3PSYY2,936 SP/h
#2LosPerez megafour2,627 SP/h
#3Disintegrators TheUnkow2,596 SP/h
#4LosPerez mireia69761,845 SP/h
#5oldygang rehagrekla1,644 SP/h
#6 Old Rabbit 54 271,596 SP/h
#7GoS Forever Ellis Gregoryan1,416 SP/h
#8 ChrisXV892 SP/h
#9GoS Forever Dexoider878 SP/h
#10Storm Pirates JayJayYT773 SP/h


GangConquest Points
#1GoS Forever GoS Forever45,371 CP
#2LosPerez LosPerez10,170 CP
#3Disintegrators Disintegrators8,196 CP
#4oldygang oldygang3,415 CP