Report on Alpha Test Session #12

Posted by Erhune over 7 years ago

Many thanks to everyone that participated in this session, and especially to those who used the opportunity of the availability of the Gemeter Fox to pre-order the game! It's thank to you that we can continue working on the game, so thank you again!

Before the report itself, here is a list of interesting things:

Technical side

The session was pretty smooth on this side. No big server issue. A few UI refresh issues were fixed by the quick deployment of a patched version 0.18.1.

Abyss ships had a damage bug that allowed them to do exponential damage and potentially one-shot bosses, but the amount of abuse of this bug has been limited. Of course, this bug will be fixed in version 0.19.

The availability of Gemeter Hussar has been delayed for some players, but by Sunday everything was fixed on this side.

Back to the features

The two new ship variations have been largely adopted, by the Polish community for the Gemeter Hussar, and the players with pre-orders for the Gemeter Fox.

We don't know yet when new ships will make their arrival in the game, but this time it felt good to see some variation around the Motherbase!

Globally, the usage and usefullness of ship skills has been well understood. But since their efficiency is largely dependant of the crew level and the power of the equipped weapon, we had a lot of remarks on the relative over-powerfulness or uselessness of some of these skills.

Some balancing and small improvements will be required on this feature, but as a whole, the feature has been a success and we will keep it and improve it for the future versions of Gangs of Space.

And at last, the new ship UI seems to have make almost the unanimity: it's better than before! Of course there are still minor issues, like the increased difficulty to see what's going on below you, and that the inventory window is a bit too big to be kept constantly on screen. We will continue on improving these points, along some other minor things.

Gang News

The bigger Gangs have been pretty quiet this session, even though the defence took way less efforts than during last session. Since most big Gangs already have a territory that is enough to sustain lots of research and production, we've seen them concentrating on the management of their bases rather than new conquests.

But below these big installed Gangs, the competition has been fierce:

  • At the top of the ladder, Clementine Space Industries (6,222 u²) keep their position of Quadrant Administrators for the 3rd time in a row, and manage to increase a bit their territory on top of that.

  • Supremacy (3,038 u²) and the thanatonautes (2,417 u²) stay on #2 and #3 position respectively, and increased their territory by almost the same amount (+372 u² et +351 u²). The competition for the #2 spot is still very much active!

  • For their second session, Les Enfants d'Illuvatar (1,237 u²) passed the symbolic bar of 1,000 u², and jump at the #4 spot, leaving the former leaders TMG behind them. This is a Gang to keep your eyes on in the near future!

  • Former rulers of the Alpha, TMG (1,187 u²) keep falling down the ladders. Some part of their territory has been lost because of an enemy attack on a TMG system they were governing.

  • Despite a small increase of 136 u², Les Gentlemen (1,175 u²) loose one position and get the #6 spot. They only lacked 13 u² to pass TMG!

  • Foxy Gang (959 u²) jump directly in the TOP10 at rank #7. Lead by Seldell of, not a member of this Gang spared any effort to conquest anything possible, and prove to the world that they aren't softies! Only 6 ranks more to prove your full worth to the world!

  • At rank #8, Rest In Pieces (722 u²) are also new in the TOP10. Zaltais, leader of this Gang, is also the creator of the famous GoS Watcher website that give you in realtime lots of information about the game!

  • In #9, BitGang (713 u²) increased their territory, but not enough to keep their previous position. Let's hope that will find again the dynamic of the last sessions, and continue the competition!

  • And at the #10 position, Lazuli (424 u²) lose 2 positions and some territories. Let's hope that Wirow's Gang catch up during next session!

As expected during last report, LesLutinsPsychopathes and BiereChausetteCorp fell off the rankings because of the arrival of new expansionist Gangs, and because they didn't defend enough their territories from enemy attacks.

Postmortem of v0.18

Not good

  • Conquests get quite boring after some time, especially when a Gang has "enough" territory
  • The game's lack of "rythm", especially visible during this session
  • The UI is now very cramped with all the new interfaces!


  • Ship skills
  • New interfaces
  • The integration of new communities (especially English- and Polish-speaking)

Stats, stats, stats!


  • 54,063 Medals (-)
    • 29,805 for contracts (-)
    • 13,362 for pacifications (-)
    • 10,896 for killboards (--)


  • 300 ships lost forever (--)
    • 8,558 items destroyed on board (--)

Conquest of the Universe

  • 170 sectors conquered by players (--)
  • 41 sectors conquered by enemy forces (---)
  • 885 sectors "pacified" (--)
  • 9 sectors sold (+)


  • 110,009 Asteroid S0
  • 54,246 Pirnat Scout
  • 49,230 Pirnat Wasp
  • 34,470 Vermillon Hermios
  • 34,319 Pirnat Scout MKII
  • 26,435 Pirnat Spike
  • 26,223 Pirnat Miner
  • 12,552 Vermillon Melenos
  • 11,308 Pirnat Hunter
  • 10,008 Vermillon Berthos Evo
  • 8,337 Vermillon Berthos
  • 8,001 Pirnat Miner MKII
  • 7,150 Pirnat Drake
  • 6,451 Pirnat Pickelhaube
  • 5,259 Pirnat Hunter MKII
  • 4,331 Vermillon Melenos Evo
  • 3,239 Asteroid S1
  • 2,512 Pirnat Hunter X2
  • 1,607 Vermillon Merros
  • 1,328 Pirnat Lobstor
  • 1,098 Asteroid S2
  • 276 Asteroid S3
  • 76 Asteroid S4
  • 26 Enemy Portal
  • 24 Pirnat Mega Blade
  • 16 Pirnat Giga Blade

which is:

  • 1,448 enemies per player (-)

Our most valiant heroes:

  • 2,720 Kyradir - Clementine Space Industries
  • 1,356 Yoshi - Blood Rains
  • 1,006 MinoThaures - Les Enfants D Illuvatar
  • 406 Blitzing Road - Questionable Fatherly Dragons
  • 388 Hayamore - Foxy gang
  • 377 Serafiel - Vear
  • 375 Ollof - Clementine Space Industries
  • 307 Blackomen - BitGang
  • 273 elfaus - Clementine Space Industries
  • 259 Eniotan - Pitigang

In our crystal ball

No forecast in this news, but we are waiting on a big Road Map for future version that will be published here in a few days. Just know that we're already working on the big new thing for v0.19... Let's just give you a hint... In 3 letters: P _ _




Server status: ONLINE



Sisyphus Medior
Started: January 7, 2022
Enemy forces in this Galaxy:
PirnatPirnat4,890,110 (97%)
Estimated remaining time: ?


Commander mireia6976 of LosPerez
January 26th, 2022 23:07 #
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PlayerSector Points
#1GoS Forever P3PSYY57,823 SP
#2Disintegrators TheUnkow13,801 SP
#3oldygang rehagrekla6,290 SP
#4LosPerez mireia69765,514 SP
#5 Old Rabbit 54 275,417 SP
#6LosPerez megafour5,203 SP
#7GoS Forever Ellis Gregoryan3,351 SP
#8 ChrisXV1,591 SP
#9ClanNobleTruth mart00911,514 SP
#10GoS Forever Dexoider1,420 SP


PlayerSector Points
#1GoS Forever P3PSYY2,936 SP/h
#2LosPerez megafour2,627 SP/h
#3Disintegrators TheUnkow2,596 SP/h
#4LosPerez mireia69761,845 SP/h
#5oldygang rehagrekla1,644 SP/h
#6 Old Rabbit 54 271,596 SP/h
#7GoS Forever Ellis Gregoryan1,416 SP/h
#8 ChrisXV892 SP/h
#9GoS Forever Dexoider878 SP/h
#10Storm Pirates JayJayYT773 SP/h


GangConquest Points
#1GoS Forever GoS Forever45,371 CP
#2LosPerez LosPerez10,170 CP
#3Disintegrators Disintegrators8,196 CP
#4oldygang oldygang3,415 CP