A small break in the schedule of testing sessions

Posted by Erhune almost 10 years ago

We have started the Alpha Test Sessions 8 months ago (the first session was on October 13, 2013!), and during those 13 sessions, we have collected a tremendous amount of feedback, and are much clearer about the strengths and weaknesses of Gangs of Space. Thank you so much everyone for your help!

We have decided to end this phase of tests for the time being.

We need to take some time to get some perspective on what we've learned, and find the best way to evolve the game with your feedback.

We don't have a precise date, but we think that we will start another series of test sessions during the 4th quarter of 2014.

Until then, we wish you pleasant summer vacations, and we'll keep on communicating here, on the forum, twitter or facebook !




Server status: ONLINE



Sisyphus Medior
Started: January 7, 2022
Ended: November 1, 2022
Enemy forces in this Galaxy:


Commander SCARLOVER of Goofy Goobers
June 24th, 2024 06:17 #
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PlayerSector Points
#1Save Game 1992 Save2,397,244 SP
#2Storm Pirates JayJayYT863,109 SP
#3UNS Jakala184,944 SP
#4I go Solo Joe Void141,546 SP
#5imdie 0406129,064 SP
#6Acrylic Dream Genetic124,294 SP
#70O0 Empty106,890 SP
#8Acrylic Dream Strega92,580 SP
#9Mew gang FOXYN1GHT82,800 SP
#10Acrylic Dream rymeilema61,387 SP


PlayerSector Points
#1Save Game 1992 Save32,987 SP/h
#2Acrylic Dream Strega24,139 SP/h
#3UNS Jakala19,570 SP/h
#4Storm Pirates JayJayYT19,230 SP/h
#5TurnUp German Elite16,818 SP/h
#6Acrylic Dream rymeilema16,356 SP/h
#7Hello Charlotte free cookies14,669 SP/h
#8imdie 040611,108 SP/h
#9Oblivion CaptNight3 V310,871 SP/h
#10I go Solo Joe Void9,264 SP/h


GangConquest Points
#1Save Game 1992 Save Game 19921,212,638 CP
#2Storm Pirates Storm Pirates352,668 CP
#3Acrylic Dream Acrylic Dream163,820 CP
#4UNS UNS161,461 CP
#5imdie imdie90,963 CP
#60O0 0O086,454 CP
#7I go Solo I go Solo74,957 CP
#8Mew gang Mew gang66,362 CP
#9Flying Dutchman Flying Dutchman59,475 CP
#10GoS Forever GoS Forever45,371 CP