Gangs of Space on Steam in 2015!

Posted by Erhune about 7 years ago

What better news to start this new year 2015 on a good foot? Gangs of Space has just been Greenlit, and will thus be available on Steam during this year!

This is of course a very emotional moment for us after working on this game for 3 years, and we don't have enough words to thank our awesome community and everyone who supported Gangs of Space one way or the other.

We will also use the opportunity to get a quick retrospective on these past 3 years, before astro-projecting ourselves in this new 4th year of development that just started...

2012 - Stone Age

We started the development of Gangs of Space in January 2012, with many wonderful ideas and bad choices. After many tentatives (including a failed Greenlight attempt), we decided to restart from scratch, abandonning Flash for Unity on the way.

End of 2012 : 65 players

2013 - Bronze Age

Much work on the graphic aspect of the game. First public Alpha in Septembre. Start of our devstreams on Twitch with our 120h-long Indie Story.

End of 2013 : 360 players

2014 - Iron Age

The first year of Gangs of Space as a "real" MMO. Much experiementation, much feedback from the community, much murking and tweaking and fixing and improving... With 8 Alpha Test sessions over 6 months, we were able to collect much data that showed the strong and weak points of the game.

We also started to show the game to the public in gaming events. And got our first awards in the process: Game Design Award at BitSummit in Kyôto, Technical Award at the Indie Stream Fes, or the two Excellence Award we got during the Tokyo Game Show from the big media Dengeki Online et 4Gamer.

And finally, starting in July, we give a lot of consideration on the quality of some aspects of the game, and fixed the orientation we wanted to give to the game considering the size of our 2-person team. Which is a delicate process that gave us a lot of cold sweat, since we don't know yet if our replacement features will be good enough...

End of 2014 : 3300 players

2015 - Steam Age

This year again, we hope to organize a lot of Test Sessions to fiddle with every corner of our new features (Empire vs Empire, destruction of the Universe, more progression, procedurally generated Universe...), debug, listen to your feedback, improve... and finally - hopefully - launch a permanently-opened beta on Steam Early Access as soon as we find THE right formula.

Thank you again to every of you for your support, and we wish you an excellent new year!




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